Knowing When to Begin Wearing a Mastectomy Bra After Surgery: How Soon Is It Safe?

There are actually two forms of mastectomy bras which can be worn safely, so as soon as the doctor tells you the incision is healed enough, you can wear one of the special post surgery bras. Most mastectomy bras are fashioned in such a way as to have a pocket to encapsulate the external prosthesis, but the type of breast form you use directly after surgery is what is most important. Here are some details which should help you understand the difference between the post surgery type and a mastectomy bra.

It Isn’t Only about Appearance

Most women think that a mastectomy bra is simply about restoring their looks, evening out the symmetry of their body after losing a breast. Yes, that is important but that is only half the picture. Bear in mind that your breasts have weight and when one has been surgically removed your body is off balance by just that much. This can lead to a number of problems, greatest of which would be back pain. Anyone who has ever injured a leg or foot knows that putting too much weight on one side quickly leads to aches and pains in the back. The same holds true after a mastectomy and even though you wouldn’t think a small bit of weight can cause issues, there is enough weight to do just that.

The Two Types of Post Mastectomy Bras

The first bra you will be wearing would be a non-weighted post surgery bra. It will have a lighter prosthesis and will not be as irritating as a weighted mastectomy bra. This bra is worn for about a month and a half and will be replaced by a mastectomy bra once your doctor feels it is time. Breast forms are usually made from silicone and they are meant to fit into a pocket in the cup. The size and weight depends on the actual size of your bust and the prosthesis is prescribed by a professional fitter, perhaps at your surgeon’s office.

In some cases doctors don’t recommend a bra too quickly after surgery whilst other times you are allowed to immediately wear one that is designed especially for the days and weeks directly following surgery. The simplest answer if you question how soon you can wear a bra is to consult with your physician. Every woman is different so the answer will change from patient to patient. The object is to get you balanced as soon as possible so rest assured that as soon as it is safe for you to wear a mastectomy bra your surgeon will let you know.

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