Wolves win Lvshan army piston reverses the lost magic failed

Wolves win Lvshan army piston reverse lost magic failed in October 21st, in Montreal to win over the Celtics wolves; magic at home to pass, with 1 points advantage to win the piston. The following is a summary of the two games: Celtic 89- forest wolf 104 Kevin – Loew scored 22 points and 9 rebounds, Kevin – Martin 21 points, Nicola – Pekovic 12 points and 7 rebounds,Wholesale Jerseys Ricky – Rubio 15 points and 7 assists. Gerrard – Wallace is the Celtics scored 16 points, Arvin. – the Bradley 11 points, Blanton – Bass 10 points and 8 rebounds. Geoff – Green scored 12 points off the bench. The wolves played on the opening of a 6-2 attack wave, the Celtics to exceed 7-6, Martin ran the shot, the wolves attack wave 12-0, in one fell swoop to exceed 18-7, since they have been in the lead. The Celtics in 4 minutes failed to score, after the first quarter only pursues the score 27-31. Darth Vader at the start of the second quarter hit three points, the Timberwolves to stay ahead, but the advantage is not big. At the end of the first half, the wolves only by 57-51 slightly prevail. The Celtics scored 5 points to start the third quarter, will narrow the gap to 1 points. Rubio also with three points, Martin has also hit three points, after three quarters, Wholesale Jerseys Cheap the wolves to 81-72 slightly open gap. The last section of the forest wolf quickly achieved two digit advantage. The final 4 minutes and 18 seconds, Martin break layup, the wolves to 100-80 leading 20 points, the outcome without suspense. Piston 86- magic 87 Kell – Quinn in the final 38 seconds before hitting the game winning shot, who had 12 points and 9 rebounds, he also 4 blocks. Maurice and Chris scored 11 points off the bench, 000 Moore was 14 points, Tobias – Harris 13 points. The piston is almost complete reversal of 20 points, but the work not completed. Starting five score in double, Greg – Monroe 19 points, Andre – Drummond 14 points and 15 rebounds, Josh – Smith 13 points 8 rebounds. The first section by 27-19 is in the lead, but the second day they once in 6 minutes without a single day, only 9 points, the end of the half, but behind the 36-43 piston. The third section piston still could not find the feeling, the gap between the two sides reached 20 points. Drummond will be the end of time relay dunk in this section, the piston to 54-72 behind. The last section piston holding all the starting line-up, they finally broke out, continue to narrow the gap. This section will be halfway, both sides have 17 points, Smith hit a record three points, followed by break layup, piston engine crazy 21-3 wave of attacks, when the competition also has 56.2 seconds, they lead to 86-85. After 18 seconds, Quinn layup for magic, a big shot, once again exceeded. Smith to perform the key goal, but three points not. The magic also missed shots, ousby complement buckle also pop up, but the magic still have the right to the ball. Preiss in the final 0.4 seconds two do not punish unexpectedly, unfortunately the piston grabbed rebounds, have no the attack time, had to accept defeat.

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