The ABC of Content Farm

The ABC of Content Farm
A recent change in Google’s algorithm on Feb 23’ 2011 has made the ‘Content Farm’ as the one of the latest and the most highlighted topic of discussion all across the SEO world. This update in Google’s algorithm is also known as ‘Panda Update’ or ‘Farmer update’.

Though, the term ‘Content Farm’ itself describes what it is, yet we would like to discuss the same in brief. The story of ‘content farm’ revolves only around the “content”. The algorithm change has made ‘Content’ as the ‘King’. The effect of the Panda update, on one hand, rewarded many sites whereas on the other hand, it also penalized some sites. The sites which got rewarded were the sites with high quality unique content and the sites which were penalized were the sites with low-quality or spammy content.

The Low-quality content is usually created as a result of mere copy pasting of content from other’s site. We all are aware that today search engine market as well as search engine optimization profession has taken over the entire world. Be it custom software development or any other field, every company, now, wants to get listed on search engine with higher rankings.

Out of a vast pool of companies like software development companies and the others, only few are able to generate fresh content while others rely on their own policy of copying content from other‘s site and using it for their own site’s promotion. With the increase in search engine optimization activities, many companies have started using the same policy of copying the content and thus helping in production of duplicate content. This in turn affected the searchers as they were not able to get through the quality content. Every time, any user makes a search for a particular item, he only gets links with low-quality content. So, these complain from the user’s end lead to the birth of ‘Content farm’. The sites following the practice of creating spammy and useless content either by using other website’s content or producing low-quality content just for the sake of getting higher ranking and the visibility in the search engines became the family members of the content farm.

It is now very clear how important is to have high-quality content on a site for getting better ranking result as well as for driving the potential traffic to the site. In order to get good SEO/SEM results, one needs to take care of the following things:

Never copy content from any other site. Create your own fresh content.
Check for the backlinks present on your site. If any of the backlink is of low-quality, remove the same from the site.
While pursuing link building activities, associate only with those sites having high quality content.
Never ever paste the content placed on your own blog to other blog sites.
Keep the blog section of your site always updated with fresh content. Make sure to update the blog once in every week.

These simple useful tips will definitely help a company to achieve better ranking results and good number of visitors.

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