Animal farming, a good business

Animal farming, a good business

Agriculture was once the income of many families. Once upon a time, agriculture was the biggest economy in many countries. Then, after the industrial revolution it has been turned to a economy based on business.

Even then some countries are still living on agriculture only. Animal farming is something that can be considered under both these categories. When the keeping of limited numbers of domestic animals for household purpose can be considered as a part of agricultural activities, it can be converted to a profitable business by maintaining large animal farms and by selling the related products. When it is becoming a business, each and every animal in the farm should get proper care. Otherwise it will affect the health of these animals and the overall business also. In a farm with large number of animals, it may be difficult to keep the track record of each animal.

Ear tags will be of great use in this area.

Milk and other related products are always fast moving items in the market. Besides the dung are being used as fertilizers. Meat is another product which will adds significant value to your products. But all these will be possible only when the animals are healthy and living in hygienic conditions. Sheep tags will help you to maintain an individual track record of each animal. These are soft tags with one male and female part. You can fix in any part of the body. It will not be painful. The printing on these tags will be visible even from a distance of two or three meters. You can print code numbers or some letters on these sheep tags to identify each sheep.

And with the help of these code numbers you can maintain a record of each animal. The record should include the feeding details and other medical details.

The tags can be fixed on the ear also. Ear tags can be fitted to the ears of the animals with the help of a special machine. This will not be painful and will not create any irritation to the animal. This will be easy to find whether all the animals have returned to the sheds after the day’s travel. Secondly it will help you to find out which animal has taken how much food and delivered how much milk. Any deviation from the daily status needs a close watching and necessary actions to be taken immediately.

Ear tags and Sheep tags are largely used in farms with large number of animals. They are used to run the farm in a well planned way. These can be used to divide animals on the basis of productivity and also on the basis of health conditions. The code numbers written on the tag will act as a name for that particular animal. So it will be helpful in medical treatments too. Veterinary doctors will not have to undergo any sort of confusions. Thus the use of ear tags and sheep tags will help you to run the business of animal farming profitably.

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