The Blu Cig is a Hit

The world of electronic cigarettes has taken the market by storm. And there are multiple reasons for the new wave of former tobacco smokers to make the change. Many people have slowly but surely managed the transition into using electronic cigarettes for multiple reasons. For some, it is the fact that doing something so harmful to your health as smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, is becoming more and more socially unacceptable. Also, many businesses have banned the tobacco products due to all of the increasing knowledge about the dangers of second-hand smoke. But now there are options that are becoming more and more accepted as the public knowledge of these vapor bearing products are making it’s way into the mainstream.

It is increasingly becoming a great choice for many former tobacco smokers to use electronic cigarette products. One such product that gained such popularity they had to halt new orders to catch up on production is the Blu Cig. Blu Cig has a variety of flavors that have all done well with the critics. But a fan favorite seems to be the menthol varieties which some have claimed it can be compared quite well to the Camel Crush cigarette.

Using the Blu Cig gives that full throaty experience that smokers long for, yet is not harmful as it is vapor, and not the carcinogens of tobacco, that the smoker is taking into their bodies. The vapor is also much more accepting to businesses and homes also as the fear of the second hand smoke is removed.

Another benefit is the costs. With the skyrocketing costs of tobacco, these cartridges provide hours of cigarette enjoyment without the same costs associated with tobacco products. Blu Cig products are made to be the size of traditional cigarettes and the same color also. They are designed so that the e-cigarette connoisseur does not feel that they stand out when enjoying the product in public, yet it is also designed so that this transition for the person who is trying to cross over to electronic cigarettes in lieu of tobacco, will get the as close to the same experience with the size, shape and color of the Blu Cig.

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