Traveling with Body Jewelry

For people who are big fans of being able to dress how they want and wear beautiful types of body jewelry, the time might come when that person decides to travel via the airport and sometimes wholesale body jewelry plugs can cause some issues with the machines that a person will have to walk through when they arrive to go through the security checkpoints. One important thing to remember about this process is that while certain types of metals can certainly set off the metal detectors, not everything that a person might wear will be big enough to actually set things off.

If a person is wearing a copious amount of metallic type jewelry, it’s very likely the case that an individual attempting to get through the metal detectors might have to go through twice or be specifically wanded because a significant amount of metal can certainly set the metal detectors off. Of course, there’s no standard level of jewelry that will always set the detectors off and sometimes a person might simply need to work to reduce the amount of jewelry they’re wearing because usually just a few pieces being worn isn’t a big deal.

As an alternative, a person can also seek out some body jewelry plugs and pieces that are made of plastic so that walking through security gates and metal detectors will be a breeze and not cause a traveler any extra time standing in the terminal waiting to get through the security lines than they already have to spend.

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