How to deal with a case of a blocked caller number

Nine times out of ten when someone calls you with a blocked number you should be very wary. The most obvious way that someone can cause you trouble using your phone is to call you with a blocked number. There is no single telephone service that can assist you with reverse lookup phone since this feature is only permitted for law enforcement officers. Before you even think about calling the police to seek help on a persistent blocked number that can’t stop calling you, know that you may not get any help and if you do, it will be very little. The job of how can i find out who is calling me will be all on you so you have to learn some detective moves in this case. International calling standards use the number 6 and the number 9 to begin on the process of tracking someone who calls you with a blocked number. You can use either of these numbers preceded by the hash symbol then you caller history will directly lead you to the blocked number that just called you. Most of the times using the combination with the number 6 works better but you have to ensure that you use the process immediately a blocked number calls you. It is not always that this process will work so be prepared to go back and tussle with your local police so that they can assist you in using a reverse phone book for what you need. If this completely fails, contact your telephone service provider after a month or so then you will be given a list of all calls made to your number. This list should give you the unblocked cell phone number of your persistent caller.

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