Chestnut Farm Uncovers Gluten Double Agent

Chestnut Farm Uncovers Gluten Double Agent
Chestnut Farm Uncovers Gluten Double Agent

We at Girolami Farms have recently started doing our research on gluten. And found things
were worse than we ever thought. Millions of Americans suffer from needless physical
discomforts all from this little protein.

We have written a number of gluten-centered articles recently, and would like to concentrate
this week on the “double agent.” The double agent is a trace of gluten, that “sneaks in” to a
product that is normally considered gluten free.

Not only is this tricky, if often makes new gluten-free dieters give up. Because they continue to
feel the same way (that is to say…badly) even when on a “gluten-free” diet. Little do they know
these pesky little double agents are what’s behind their health problems.

Typical Double Agents: Double agents take a number of forms. One of the most common
is salad dressing. Even that super healthy salad dressing that seems to be gluten free…often
contains a double agent. Why is that? It shares equipment with other dressings, which get
dusted with GLUTEN, in order to improve consistency. Tricky, right?

VEGAN CANDY: Don’t fall for it! The problem with vegan candy (besides it being drenched in
sugar) is that normally egg-based products are responsible for holding together candy. But in
this case, the candy is held together by clumped wheat flour and wheat dextrin. This gives it the
consistency of non-vegan candy but can set off a gluten allergy. Vegan does not mean healthy,

IMITATION MEAT: Sure, that Trader Joe’s “chickenless” chicken, seems like a great shortcut.
All the taste of chicken, none of the side effects. Right? Wrong. These fake meats often get
laced with a vegetable protein that is textured through gluten. This is enough to cause a severe
gluten reaction.

Some other culprits are obviously “wheat free” beer, anything that has the word “malt,” in it, and
even toothpaste, lipstick, and some types of medications. Be careful and ensure that when you
buy something, it is truly gluten-free!

Chestnuts and chestnut-based products can provide a good alternative to gluten, making
wonderful desserts and breads. If you want some great gluten-free chestnut recipes, download
our free e-book.

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