Farm Fresh To You History And Overview

Farm Fresh To You History And Overview
Farm Fresh To You History and Overview

A Promising Beginning

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and a minor in statistics, Kathleen Barsotti founded Farm Fresh To You with her husband, Martin. Martin was also well educated with a degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in community development. Both Martin and Kathleen have impressive backgrounds that prepared them to eventually start their company, Farm Fresh To You.

In 1976, the Martins bought some property in Capay Valley. It was about 20 acres worth of land, funded with borrowed money from their parents. They ran the farm for years before the start of Farm Fresh To You. As the years went on, so did life. The Martins ended up divorcing which left the farm in Kathy’s care. She ended up beginning Farm Fresh To You with the help of her four sons. Kathy developed breast cancer and ended her battle in July of 2000. Since then, her four sons have joined together to continue the thriving business.

A Family Legacy

Che, Noah, Thaddeus and Freeman all play valuable roles in the Farm Fresh To You family business today. As managers, advisors, salesmen, marketers, and accountants, each of these men are carrying on the valuable legacy left by their mother. Keeping up with their promise to her to maintain the quality she worked so hard to establish, all of Kathleen’s boys would make her proud today with how they’ve managed Farm Fresh To You.

Eight Reasons They Are Awesome

In an effort to help their potential customers decide to use Farm Fresh To You, they have come up with eight reasons that you as their potential customer should choose them. Their first reason has to do with being healthier by eating fresh fruits and veggies every day. They also boast that all their produce is grown organically by them for you as well. Farm Fresh To You emphasizes the importance of freshness to give the optimum amount of nutrition possible. Every day, produce loses nutrition. The fresher your produce, the better it is.

Farm Fresh To You also does not require extended commitment which gives incredible flexibility. Also, they allow customization in order to save you time and give you exactly what you want as well. With their extensive selection and available variety, you are sure to always get what you want with Farm Fresh To You. Also, they ensure convenience with their service to bring you your produce right to your doorstep. Indeed, Kathy’s company has been left in good hands with great reasons for you to get your fruit and veggie needs met with Farm Fresh To You.

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