A Guide to Stopping Farm Runoff

A Guide to Stopping Farm Runoff

Runoffs are a way of life in commercial farms. But this need not be so. At least you can bring your farm runoff to a controlled state. The problem of runoff creation and what it can cause to the farmer and his environment would bear closer scrutiny before an attempt is made to find a workable solution. Runoffs are caused when there is more water in your farm than it can absorb. So, the correct way to go about controlling your runoff is by increasing the water absorbing capacity of your farm. This means that you have to alter the physical properties of your farm soil. Since aeration is the logical solution, you need to get the best quality of aerators so that firstly the compacted soil is broken down and then go deep into the soil with shatter tines and leaf tines. This will create fissures that can permit the air water nutrient mixture to reach the roots of the plants.

The compacted soil reduces the porosity of the soil. Breaking the clods continuously is one of the easier methods of combating runoffs from your farm.

Whenever there is a heavy rainfall or snowfall, the resultant moisture does not get absorbed especially if the porosity of your farm is not adequate. The water then overflows out of your farm taking away the rich soil from your farm and its nutrients that you have been pumping in so painstakingly. This is agricultural run off. It’s in your interest to reduce it to the bare minimum because it reduces the profitability of your commercial farm.

There are environmental and health issues that are interlinked with runoffs. When there is a runoff, it amounts to a manure runoff too. This will naturally hurt your profits. But there are chemicals that are introduced by you in your farm when you sprinkle manure and pesticides. These chemicals are also run off and find their way into water bodies. Some of these water bodies may be the source of drinking water for humans while others could be providing water to wild animals and birds. You need to do your best to keep these issues under control.

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