Artisan Jewelry Is Unique

When it comes to buying jewelry, people have a wide variety of choices. They also have various reasons for buying any particular piece of jewelry. In general you have two types of jewelry that you can choose from and those are mass produced and custom or hand made jewelry.

Mass produced jewelry is the jewelry that you will find in jewelry stores and department stores. You can also find them for sale by independent representatives like those selling for Avon. The challenge of buying mass produced jewelry is that if you look around you will see lots of other people all wearing the same jewelry. Huge companies do try to spread their products around so the you don’t see just everyone wearing exactly the same pieces, but you don’t have to go to far to find someone wearing the same exact same jewelry you are.

Custom made jewelry is also called hand-made, craftsman made or artisan jewelry. When you want artisan jewelry you have many forms to choose from. Some will embody a culture and others will embody a specific location where the artist lives. Artisan jewelry from the southwest Indian tribes of the United States will differ greatly from the hand crafted jewelry made by an artist from Japan, Spain or Russia. Some artisan jewelry may be commissioned to commemorate special moments in history or even unique events. What makes artisan jewelry unique is that will be hand made by an individual artist, or perhaps a small group of artists will get together to produce something special that displays their unique style of craftsmanship. These are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

Most people think that all artisan jewelry will be outrageously priced. This just isn’t the case. Hand made jewelry will be priced according to the materials used. Sometimes a uniquely famous artist has to charge more in an attempt to cut the demand for their art.

The truth is that you can find artisan jewelry in a wide variety of price ranges. You can find some priced under $50 and some that costs in the thousands of dollars ranges. It just depends on the artist and materials used. For example an artist that uses precious metals and stones will charge more because it costs them more to get the materials. Other artists will use more easily obtained materials such as wood and semi-precious or even common stones or other easily acquired materials.

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