Farm Fresh Eggs For Your Alkaline Recipes!

Farm Fresh Eggs For Your Alkaline Recipes!

Eggs are Alkaline and that makes them good for more than just breakfast.  We also use them for a snack.  If you are using “Farm Fresh,” you might need to know some things about them.  First of all, by “Farm Fresh,” I mean that the chickens are allowed to roam around.  This allows them to eat bugs, worms, and other wonderful organic feed.  That might sound nasty to you, but those are the healthiest eggs!  Don’t worry; you won’t taste the worms or the bugs.  If a chicken is allowed to roam around and eat natural organic things, the yolk will look healthy.  It will be a very dark orange color.  A caged chicken produces a yolk that is light yellow in color. 

Ask the Farmer what the chickens eat.  If he says they stay in a cage and get all the corn they want, then I need to tell you that you should shop somewhere else!  That makes those chickens producing the same product that you purchase in the store.  I grew up on an Iowa Farm, and I know there are several things wrong with eating eggs from chickens trapped in a cage all day.

Without getting too technical, I will tell you that the corn being used for feed could have chemicals on it.  At least those chickens are not having hormones injected into them, like the ones in big chicken operations. Another thing is that “Farm Fresh” seems to cost too much.  If you are going to pay the price, make sure you are getting what you are paying for. 

General rules for “Farm Fresh Eggs” are this:  A stale egg rises in water; fresh ones are heavy, and sink to the bottom!  So once you get home, test them in a bowl of water.  Better to find out right away if there is a rotten or stale one.  After you have purchased from the same farmer a few times you will know if he sells a good product or not.  When you trust that the eggs are fresh you will no longer need to do the water test.

However, I always break mine one at a time into a bowl.  That way if one is rotten it won’t spoil whatever I am making.

Eggs should be covered and kept cool.  If they are not kept cool they will rot.  Wash them just before using them if needed.  After all, “Farm Fresh” means there could be some chicken manure on them! 

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