Parents may one day have to deal with a short term disability

Some parents may one day have to deal with a short term disability of their child.  In most circumstances the child will have broken a leg or an arm and they just need to have assistance with some daily functions around the home.  Most children that experience a broken arm or a leg will usually not need the help of a certified Host Home Service Provider to assist them.  However, we are talking about those rare instances when a child is seriously injured and will need the assistance of a home service provider.  It is understood that this is dealing with a temporary disability that will require specialized care from that of a Host Home Care Provider.  Of course at this level your doctor would recommend your child to a specialist who handles the specific area of the injury.  Once the specialist determines when the child is able to go home from the hospital, the specialist will determine if you need a Host Home Service Provider.  Try to take notes when you are talking to the Specialist about your child’s condition and recovery time.  You should have a grasp of the situation and what the length of recovery is expected and who will be involved in the process, before you leave the hospital. The parent should also communicate at this time with the specialist your concerns should you not be able to be at home to care for your child, because you are a single parent.  The dynamics of every family are different so express to your doctor your needs, should you need the assistance of a host home provider.  Do not feel proud! Some people need the assistance of a Host Home Care Provider that helps in the recovery of their child, during the child’s healing at home. The help is there, so use it!

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