Extend your storage options with Rush Express’ pallet hire service

Warehousing and the logistics of storage have changed drastically since the emergence of the humble pallet. They are indispensable when it comes to optimal space management but what happens if you run out of pallets in the warehouse or just need a number of them to store goods temporarily?

Purchasing new wooden pallets for a temporary purpose is not cost-effective but the good news is that you can actually hire pallets to store your stock. Rush Express offers just such a pallet hire service where you can rent wooden pallets on a long short term to long term basis. Yes, apart from courier services, the company is one of the leading pallet suppliers in Sydney.

Although many companies offer pallet hire services, reliability and safety is usually an issue here. Like everybody else, one would like to go with a trusted pallet hire company with years of experience. Rush Express understands your need and offers high quality pallet storage options to ease your burden. You can call in for extra pallets at any time – they have standard wooden pallets that measure 1200 (W) X 1200 (D) X 1600 (H) for your storage needs.   

Pallet storage with Rush Express is guaranteed to be safe and affordable. You would be amazed to know that their wooden pallet rates start at as low as $3.50 per week. You can bring in any type of stock and if it’s over the described size, it would be split over two pallets for convenience.   

Rush Express also understands the safety concerns and only provides pallets for hire after putting them through stringent quality inspections so you can rest assure the pallets provided have all passed the inspection.

Rush Express rents out wooden pallets as they are always preferred due to their strength and durability. Since they last long, are flexible and easy to maintain, Rush Express can afford to rent them out for cheaper.    

Pallet storage with Rush Express is available 7 days a week and you can store your stocks for both short and long term depending on the requirements. Moreover they also offer the options of small or large lots to ensure that the stock is safe in a secure location.   

Other than pallet storage, you also get other services like stock delivery and pickup, stock takes, next day delivery, container unloading, intra-state and inter-state transport and much more.      

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