Engagement Ring Cuts

One more thing you need to know about buying engagement rings is finding the perfect cut. Each cut makes your rings unique and exactly reflects qualities to suit your beloved’s personality.

There’s the classic marquise cut, which is an oval with pointed ends. There’s also the cushion cut which is easily distinguishable by its pillow-like shape and the emerald cut which is rectangular with cropped corners and long stair-like facets. The asscher cut on the other hand, is similar to the emerald cut except that it has more sparkle. As for the more popular cuts, there’s the princess cut which is a brilliant square of stone and the round cut, which has 58 facets and therefore, the most sparkle. The heart-shaped cut is also one of the most popularly given for obvious reasons and then there’s the pear cut which is a favorite among fashionistas because it makes your finger look long and lean.

Find engagement rings here and find that one perfect ring to help you capture her heart forever.

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