About Farm Tractors

About Farm Tractors

There is probably no other place that is so closely associated with tractors than farms. It makes sense when you consider that the first tractors were machines with steam engines with a plough attached to them. The idea behind this was to use the same technology that brought so much pulling power to trains and apply it to a machine that would pull a plough easily.

While the first farm tractor had several drawbacks, it the nevertheless was more effective than horses, which would get hungry or tired and couldn’t pull as much. This image of the first farm tractor is still one that is present in a lot of people’s minds. Depending on maintenance issues, a tractor could work everyday of the week and all year long.

The steam engine technology ruled for a few decades, although it was still hard to use. Then, in the beginning of the 19th century, the first gas engines were developed.

Several people who were interested in mechanics saw the opportunity for farm tractor applications and decided to tinker with them and develop farm tractors, and some of them founded companies and models that still survive today, like Ford and Case. Ford as well as John Deere are some of the most famous brands.

These gas engines made farm tractors more efficient and reliable, compared to the steam engine technology. In fact, it wasn’t until the introduction of gas engines to farm tractors that they really became widely available and a common tool in every farmer’s ranch.

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