Successful Farm Insurance

Successful Farm Insurance

When I met my husband, everything I knew about farming including Farmers Insurance, could be written down on a postage stamp. I didn’t really grow up in a city, but it was a town with sidewalks, street lights and neighborhoods. My family would occasionally plant a flower garden and even more occasionally we planted a small vegetable garden in our back yard. We mowed grass and trimmed bushes but that was as close as farming as I ever got. Then I met my husband, the farmer! Life changed as I knew it. I happily became a farmers wife.

Once my husband and I settled into married life on the farm, we split up the household and farming duties. The majority of the actual Farming tasks was received by my husband. He wakes up early to feed the animals, and do all of the tasks. I actually took on more of the managerial duties of the farm, including maintaining the Farmers Insurance.

Because it is important to me to be knowledgeable in my insurance dealings, I decided to review our policy to see if it was written to actually meet our needs, especially now that we were a married couple.

So one morning, I sat down at our kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee and the Farmers Insurance policy. I figured I had better do it early in the morning with caffeine in my system so that the boring content wouldn’t put me to sleep. I was pleasantly surprised once I got reviewing it, that it wasn’t as boring as I orginally thought. Our Farmers Insurance policy very clearly stated what our coverage was on our actual structures, both the home and the outbuildings in addition to listing all the equipment and the value of said equipment. This appeared very straightforward and easy enough to understand, but what I wasn’t sure of was if we had the correct values on all our property. I continued reviewing the policy and found language about our liability coverage in addition to coverage for crop loss incurred. Now I knew I was in way over my head. It was time to get a professional insurance agent involved.

I had a few questions regarding the Farmers Insurance that we had, because it seems that the companies interest is being represented more than ours. That’s why I call the company. So, I decided to shop around and get new Farmers Insurance quotes to see if they would be comparable to what we were currently carrying. I found that I was able to effectively get quotes because I had been so careful in reading the current Farmers Insurance policy that we had. But instead of telling them the current values listed, I had the companies take the information and come up with their own values. I felt that by getting the Farmers Insurance quotes in this manner, I would be able to see if our farm was properly insured. After I did, their Farmers Insurance Policy should be like this.

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