Where To Farm Embersilk

Where To Farm Embersilk

Blizzard have made farming embersilk cloth a real pain.  There was a wonderful spot in Deepholm that they soon nerfed and since the prices have started to skyrocket on the auction house again.  I’m going to tell you where to farm embersilkthe most effective way currently and how to go about it.

There’s a special item called “Potion of Treasure Finding” that can be made by alchemists or bought out the auction house that will make mobs you kill have a chance to drop little treasure chests.  I highly advise you to take some of these with you so you will get even more embersilk cloth along with quite a few other useful materials.  They also give a good bit of gold.  If you go to wowhead, you can check out a list of items they have contained before.

If you’re a tailor, you are in luck.  Tailor’s get extra cloth from killing mobs even in Cataclysm.  This should double your embersilk cloth drop rate in theory and yield much better results.

Okay, on to the farming spot!  One requirement is you must be level 85.  If you’re not, the mobs are very strong and have around 19,000 HP each that travel in groups of three.  The area you will be going is located in Tol’Barad called the “Restless Front”.  My tailor using the Potion of Treasure Finding was able to get the following items within an hour:

550 Embersilk Cloth
4 greens
10 Volatile Air
10 Volatile Fire
10 Pyrite Ore
10 Elementium Ore
5 Volatile Life
3 Volatile Water
And over 200G from looting and gold from the tiny treasure chests.

Your result will vary depending on your class and gear level.  My character is heroic dungeon geared and wears plate so it makes survivability a little bit easier for me.  You may even choose to do this with a group of friends and split all the profits between each other or fill your guild bank with the mats and items.

I hope this article helps you out on where to farm embersilk cloth.  I have a lot more awesome gold making tricks up my sleeve other than this one that you can read about in my gold making guide by clicking here!

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