DUI Attorney Can Challenge FST, Breath Test

I got pulled over and was charged with DUI based on a breathalyzer test, which was administered after a Field Sobriety Test (FST). I did not do badly on the FST, but I was taken in anyway. The breathalyzer showed a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .10 percent. I think that since I passed the FST I should not have been given the breathalyzer test. Am I right?

No, you are wrong. The FST is a subjective evaluation of whether you may be over the limit. The breathalyzer results prove that you were. You need to contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible.

A DUI conviction can result in serious consequences like losing your license and skyrocketing insurance premiums. You could even be sentenced to jail time.

There are benefits to having a San Bernardino DUI Lawyer on your side when you face a DUI charge. He or she can help you understand the possible consequences and build a defense against the charges.

In addition to jail or prison time, suspended driver’s license, seizure of your car and substantial fines, you could face long-term consequences that will limit future employment opportunities.

DUI laws change constantly and these changes are not in favor of the defendant. You could face increased penalties if there is a child in the car. Penalties can increase if there are adult passengers in your car.

Don’t assume that your BAC will work in your favor if it is only slightly over the limit. A DUI attorney can negotiate a plea bargain that will mitigate the consequences of the offense. He or she is an expert in this field, especially if you hire an attorney who specializes in DUI cases.

A qualified attorney can challenge the results of both your FST and your breathalyzer results in order to lessen the penalties you will face. There are many strategies for defending a DUI charge. A DUI attorney who practices in the area where the offense took place is the best resource you have for your defense.

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