Wind Farms in Tooele

Wind Farms in Tooele

People have harnessed the power of the wind for years, but now wind power has advanced beyond pumping water on farms and grown into larger renewable energy producing sources with Tooele, Utah wind farms.

Unequal heating of the Earth’s surface by the sun creates wind energy in Tooele. Wind turbines then convert the kinetic energy from the wind into clean electricity. The wind spins the blades of a wind turbine, capturing the kinetic energy of the wind and converting it into a rotating motion that drives a generator. The blades of a wind turbine act like the wings of an airplane; a pocket of low-pressure air forms on the downwind side of the blade when the wind blows. This low-pressure air pocket pulls the blade toward it, which causes the rotor to turn in a process called “lift.” Surprisingly, the force of the lift is much stronger than the wind’s force against the front side of the blade, which is called “drag.” This combination is what turns the turbine blades, causing the rotor to spin.

Most wind turbines can handle high winds, as they are usually equipped with an automatic over speed governing system to keep the blades and rotor from spinning too quickly.

Tooele, Utah wind farms feature a group of interconnected wind turbines in a single area that are used to produce electricity. These wind farms can vary in size, and the largest wind farms can have several hundred wind turbines interconnected! Tooele, Utah wind farms take advantage of a strong and consistent source of wind.

When first developing a wind farm in Tooele, developers asses the wind source.

A site must have a minimum annual average wind speed in the neighborhood of 11 to 13 miles per hour to be considered for a wind farm in Tooele. Developers also have to consider the distance to existing transmission lines to keep costs down. High-voltage lines can cost thousands of dollars per mile, so constructing a farm near existing lines will help to minimize the costs. To help with the costs of the farms, wind energy developers for Tooele, Utah wind farms often receive a variety of tax and financial incentives to produce the clean energy.

The future of Tooele, Utah wind farms looks bright. There is a growing demand for clean and renewable energy. New environmental requirements have also helped the growing demand for wind power and there are now more buyers than ever for wind energy at competitive rates.

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