Horse Insurance & Farm Insurance

Horse Insurance & Farm Insurance
Horses are absolutely one of the most majestic animals on this earth. Every one who loves them feels this way. The love between horse and owner is such a powerful bond. When you find that special one you’ve dreamt of and that bond develops there is no other feeling that compares.

You know that whenever the stresses of life get you down, you can always count on your horse to lift your spirits. Taking a peaceful trail ride or just hanging out in the barn grooming your equine companion will do you more good than any nerve pill a doctor could prescribe.

Horse owners wholeheartedly love their horses and take pride in giving them top quality care. Making sure that they have the best hay, grain, hoof care, the nicest saddle pad, and the best fitting most comfortable saddle they can find. However, there is one area that most horse owners overlook when it comes to providing what is best for their horse and that would be the area concerning insurance coverage.

Most horse insurance companies will tailor make a policy to suit the specific needs of the horse and owner in question. Options can include protection against: Theft or Straying, Death by Injury or Illness, Vet Fees for Injury or Illness, Disposal after Human Destruction or Death of the Horse, among many others.

When selecting a policy, it is important to read the small print. There are a number of things that can void a claim. Even something as minor as not worming the horse as regularly as the veterinarian recommends can result in an insurance company not paying out. Owners must also be aware that in a lot of cases horses less than 30 days and over 16 years can not be covered by a general policy. Some insurance companies will offer special policies for foals and elderly horses.

When it comes to asking questions that get results, no one does it better than a successful farm insurance agent. They seem to have a special knack – you might even call it a philosophy of communication that gets their prospects – the farmers and business owners who depend on them, to open up and tell them about their hopes and fears for their family and their business.

The best of them ask the most in depth questions and get answers to them, without seeming aggressive or pushy. It often comes across to their clients and prospects that they have an interest in them along with a natural curiosity that always makes them want to know more. And they are masters at creating a relaxed atmosphere for everyone – an environment that encourages openness.

Successful farm insurance agents involve their prospects in a way that makes it natural for them to tell them their deepest secret fears and desires. When they demonstrate their willingness to listen, these successful business owners open up completely.

Successful farm insurance agents know theirs is not a relationship that presents a challange to the other advisiors – they complement one another and because the farm insurance agent gains so much personal insight so quickly, they are positioned as an advocate for the farmer with these other advisors.

They understand that their role is to understand their clients inner most hopes, dreams, and fears. The problems discussed have become the client’s problems. The solution is the client’s solution and it will be very difficult for anyone to upset the decisions the client has made and derail the actions being taken.

When it comes to finding the right person to handle the insurance needs of your family, farm, or business – farm insurance agents are uniquely qualified to consider the human and business implications that effect you. Their solutions are tailor made to your needs.

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