My First Recording Connection Audio Institute Experience

When I was in high school, I have always wanted to become a singer.  I love to sing in the classroom. I sing in school programs. The main reason I sing is because of my grandmother.   My grandmother taught me how to sing, and that’s when I loved singing.  Now that she’s older, I sing to her before we go to sleep.  She has become my inspiration.  Now that I am in a Recording Connection audio institute, I want to share to you my experience.  When I first entered this Recording Connection audio institute, I was scared that people may be mean to me because I was just new to their school.  I was anxious and insecure, but I was wrong.  The people in that school were so nice.  They showed me around, and when you ask for directions, they don’t just point to that location, but they bring you there.  All of my fears have gone away.  The teachers were so nice that when you get something wrong they just ask you to try and try again until you get everything right.  It’s really great to find a community that does not judge you in everything or anything you do.  Finding a community that helps you bring out the best in you is very rare nowadays.  Now, I am a successful singer and I thank all those people who have helped me to be where I am today.  I want to specially thank the school for the kindness that they have shown me.

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