Mage Gold Farming – WotLK AOE Farming Secrets

Mage Gold Farming – WotLK AOE Farming Secrets

Mage gold farming used to be a given with the huge amount of DPS they packed. Even with their glass cannon status they could put out so much burst that a decently geared mage could 2 or 3 shot elementals. Well, the same still holds true for mage in Wrath and single target farming is still very profitable for a mage with good gear but you already know that so I’ll skip right over it but what I do want to show you is how to make loads of gold with AOE techniques.

What I’m about to tell you might seem too good to be true but I promise you give it a shot and your jaw is going to drop. Go ahead and grab a ride over to Ebon Hold and you’ll notice right outside there are several groups of skeletons. These skeletons don’t drop much and may never drop any epics but what they can be killed with ease. They present very little threat and between the cloth, trash, occasional green, and roughly 40-60 silver per kill you should be average upwards of 350 gold an hour.

Now, I know many of you are probably wondering what if I am not specced for heavy AOE damage but that is not all that relevant.

As I mentioned earlier these mobs have very little health and you should be find any spec but if you truly want to maximize your profits take advantage of duel speccing and create one spec designed for mana efficiency and AOE damage. This will ensure you can do more DPS for longer periods of time without stopping to eat or drink.

The best part is I’ve not heard of hardly anyone else using this method so you are very unlikely to have much competition. Take full advantage of the situation and make yourself a load of cash. If you ever wanted to level your tailoring this is a perfect opportunity as well since you are going to be stocking up on huge amounts of frost-weave cloth.

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