Wotlk Farming Spot – Frostweave Cloth

Wotlk Farming Spot – Frostweave Cloth

Here is an example article from Just My Two Copper

“Apparently Freya in Sholozar Basin has left some mobs for you to kill… and they never stop coming! That’s right, as shown in the video, three people can farm these mobs and they never stop respawning.

Get your farming on for some great cloth, grays, and greens. If you have tailoring then this is the best place to farm cloth in the game. Especially if you never have to drink like a rogue/warrior/retpally/feraldruid/dk, though those classes most likely don’t have tailoring!

Team up with some buddies and bring a tailor to make this place an awesome farming spot.

This is legion hold without the marks of sargeras in my opinion!

(Nerf incoming btw, you know it and I know it, so get your farming in while you can)”

The video included for this article explains in detail exactly where to farm these mobs and why grouping is an excellent choice for farming there.

Just My Two Copper specializes in showing you how to make thousands of gold in wow every day with guides, strategies, and videos!

Zuggaming.com wrote this about Just My Two Copper in a review of a seperate article:

“In this week’s community spotlight I wanted to showcase one of my favorite wow blogs, Just My Two Copper. JMTC is a fairly new blog and is the creation of Markco Polo (…no really, that’s his name) and…much like Zug Gaming, is dedicated to providing player’s with unique strategy guides, tips, hints, and other helpful resources. Markco’s forte is centered primarily on making gold in WoW and he’s recently released his Best Farming Spot in WotLK.

This brief strategy guide details a quick farming location in the Storm Peaks capable of averaging upwards of 800 gold per hour. What I really like the most about this particular strategy write up (and many of Markco’s other blog entries) is the depth and clear reasoning behind his strategies. It’s more than just a strategy for doing X to achieve Y results, it’s Markco’s complete break down of tactics, logic, implementation, and potential for improvement that takes a post like this to the next level.”

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