Avoiding Dangers On The Farm

Avoiding Dangers On The Farm
With all of the harvesting and planting that is performed on the farm, there are plenty of ways that an individual can get into trouble if they do not know how to protect themselves and follow proper protocol. The majority of the jobs that are performed must be done through the use of heavy duty machinery and equipment, and those that are not careful can end up severely damaging or injuring themselves or someone else.

Tractors themselves are one of the most dangerous pieces of machinery that are utilized on the farm. When kept in good condition and driven in the right manner, they can improve the way of life of farmers and help them to get a lot done.

However, when they are not used properly or kept in working condition, there are possibilities that someone could be severely injured while using one. The most important thing that one must remember is to understand their tractor, how it works, the ways in which it operates, and the different features that it has.

Many have been hurt because they accidentally tripped a door latch or did something wrong and fell out, being ridden over by the piece of machinery. A large number of accidents happen when tractors tip over.

If yours is equipped with a safety belt, make sure that you utilize it whenever you can. This may be uncomfortable, but can save your life in case of a turnover.

Additionally, you should drive as carefully as possible and understand the terrain underneath you. Do not try to drive up slopes if they are too steep; also, refrain from using the highway and make turns slowly.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that is released when engines are started and constantly emitted when the vehicle is in power. This gas can become built up if you turn on your tractor’s engine when enclosed in a shed or garage.

It is almost a silent killer, because the individual starts to feel headaches and light headed until they pass out and potentially expire. If the vehicle is in an enclosed space, be sure to keep the engine turned off until you need to use it.

When the object is moving, stay with it at all times. Runaway tractors can be fatal or dangerous and are hard to catch up to and control; if you jump off while it is still in motion, there is a good chance that it could cause extensive damage. Most importantly, children should be kept away from these machines if at all possible.

Youngsters do not always understand safety precautions and measures exactly, and do not know how to follow them when riding on a tractor. They could tip it or fall of and be trampled or run over in a matter of seconds.

Make sure that you are always wearing proper clothing as a cover; it should be extensive enough to protect you from heat and sun damages, but not be too loose fitted so that it could easily get caught in tractors or combines. Be aware of electrical connections and cords that are laying on the ground or visible in plain sight.

If they are not protected by some kind of cover, they may cause electrocution, especially if run over or touched with another metal object. If you are not currently using tools that are plugged in and require electricity for power, unplug them so that no one is harmed and so they do not accidentally turn on.

On more than one occasion, animals have got hold of electrical wires and cords and chewed them, damaging the equipment or severely injuring the creature. If you have young children around that enjoy helping or doing things on the farm, find ways to include them that are safe and worry-free.

Having them around heavy machinery and electrical tools is very risky and can cause death or injury. Those that are busy performing other tasks should always have another person available that can keep an eye on the children and make sure that they are safe and out of harm.

Provide a “safety zone” where there are animals that they can play with or busy-work type of activities that they can do to help and feel like they are part of the farm environment. The more you utilize safety precautions when on the farm and around heavy equipment, the easier it will be to stay healthy and injury-free!

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