Free Farm Software for Traceability

Free Farm Software for Traceability

Farm Manager makes the everyday management of modern fruit and vegetable farms more efficient, profitable, and improves traceability and quality. Farm Manager provides software designed to work in fresh produce production and processing, food manufacturing, and quality control.  Farm Manager is designed to handle every facet of the business including spray management, irrigation, traceability, task scheduling and all recording requires as specified by BRC and GlobalGAP.  

The entire team of the company consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of food industry, who work with the most modern technology. They constantly introduce innovations that improve quality and profits and they are in continuous contact with their customers. Pack house Software continuously expands its activities and its range. It works with producers in countries around the world. Its clients are the owners of modern farms, factories and food companies.
Farm Manager learned from performance in the last decade, and aims to improve the quality of production, to eliminate existing weaknesses and increase the profits of its customers. It provides a set of free farm software – Farm Manager Farm Management Software, that improves and simplifies farming. This software is specialized in fruit and vegetable farming. Its merit in this area are related to the control of the business, track performance, improve profits, price control and budget planning, control the report of the staff.


Free Farm Software available in two solutions. First is for small and medium business and second for large business farming. This Management Software includes some parts. First one is Farm Diary which allows planning all needed activities like spray, fertilizing, water, planting and any task that is performed during production. It plans tasks in advance or enters when they have already been performed. They have some unique features, mainly aimed for fruit and vegetable farms. Fruit vegetable traceability is one of such features, use full for farmers.


Farm inventory is the next part of this Software. It manages all material necessary for production and packing of fruit and vegetables. This part also shows the quantity and quality of the inventory used in the production. Farm Alerts keep all farm staff informed. Farmers can set the alarm notifications via e-mail, fax or phone. Budgeting is a module of Farm alerts system. It allows the creation of the budgets that detail all of the labour, materials, quantity and so on.


This free farm software system is convenient for everybody with business related in fruit and vegetable production. The old farming connected with hard working and minimal profit stayed in the past. Contacts with the clients take place in different ways.  

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