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What is Intensive farming

Over the years, farming methods have diversified and increased production capacity. There are various types of agricultural production systems, including extensive production and intensive agriculture. intensive cultivation techniques involves extensive contributions of capital, labor and pesticides and fertilizers to increase crop on a smaller area. Intensive farming means not only horticulture but also livestock. There are many advantages and disadvantages of intensive farming. Advantages include high performance helps to reduce agricultural related products and poultry prices. In addition, the production of crops than a smaller area. But the number of disadvantages of intensive agriculture is more than the benefits. Intensive agriculture leads to the use of pesticides and fertilizers that can lead to contamination and poisoning. It also causes erosion and contamination of surrounding areas by chemical fertilizer soil. The animals are grown in small spaces and ranchers engage in dangerous practices of reproduction, and much more. But we can not focus on the pros and cons of this article lifestyle fashion but the types of intensive agriculture. Now for the next few paragraphs we’ll discover the different types of intensive farming techniques.

Intensive farming techniques

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Importance of Agriculture

Why is it important for agriculture?

Human civilization realizes the importance of agriculture as it started with him. When our ancestors believed in regulation and growing our own food, including grains and crops, organic farming and humanity was born was changed forever. Agriculture has caused not only the cities and the development of cities, but also knowledge and technology. Regardless of the degree of sophistication or gadget addicted we become, there is no denying agriculture importance in our daily lives. Recently, farming has been neglected because of the mistaken belief that the new modern technology produces grains and crops we eat. At the summit in the world last year, the need for agriculture was the main point of debate and discussion that has been proposed by scientists in the green world.

Agricultural importance in the US
America is considered one of the most productive countries in terms of agriculture. Business analysts say that US food industry will exceed $ 500 billion this year. With technology creates more problems can be solved, putting the US government, its resources and plans to ensure that it becomes more productive. The US is the largest producer and exporter of agricultural products, with a share of 21% of world trade in agricultural products. In 1996, exports of agricultural products from the United States worth $ 60 billion and only increased over the years. As you know, exports are crucial for GDP in a country where agriculture contributes more than 7%. I think these startling figures are enough to show the importance of agriculture in America.

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