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All About Accountability

When you make yourself visible in something that you put together, this projects confidence in what you have done. Such was the case of Jimi Petulla, mentor and film maker. He put his name on the line for the schools he founded, The Radio, Recording and Film Connection.  He makes his profile available to all who want information about him and the people behind the schools at This says a lot about him and it projects confidence as well as accountability for the school. Jimi is so confident about the schools that he put his name on the line, despite claiming that a degree counts least if it does not in the entertainment industry. He has reason to be confident. The schools employ the unique mentor-apprentice approach to teaching. This means that students are paired with industry professionals so that they can work together on a project in a real studio or production set. This allows the apprentice to build connections and gain valuable experience while learning. This also means that students will be learning from no less than the professionals who do the subjects for a living and not getting confined in a classroom with some inexperienced teacher. Jimi has so much confidence in this style he was willing to put his face by his name. With all of that combined, The Radio, Recording and Film Connection is preferred by professionals in the entertainment industry than any other school in the world. I too, would recommend this school. It leaves all the rest I your dust.

Qualities In Finding The Right Christian School

As a parent you are likely to weigh your options to determine the right school with Christ centered education to choose that provides the best preparation for your children to have a successful career someday while minimizing the tuition cost.

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