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A Company is Born

Laser Experts began 20 years ago, when its president and owner, Robert Waltmire started a career as a field technician for GE Fanuc, a company dealing with metal fabrication. He was there for 15 years, working on, and becoming an expert on industrial CO2 laser machines. Through his hard work and dedication, Robert was promoted to management level. There, he became involved in the rebuilding of power supplies and other major replacement parts. It is because of this, that Robert started understanding the value of a “one stop shop” company, as well as providing impeccable knowledge and solutions for your customer.

In 2005, Laser Experts was born. Initially, Robert’s vision was to work on CO2 laser maintenance and troubleshooting its many parts. Not long after, the business expanded to include sales of service parts. It then became an international business, servicing customers in Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, and China. The sales of service parts include new, as well as refurbished parts. Laser Experts extends its customer satisfaction warranty to both.

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How Salt Lamps Improves Emotional Regeneration

The aesthetic beauty of a salt lamp can be determined by how the user makes use of it. Some may consider it as a mere decoration for their houses or office but others used it to regain their health emotionally and mentally by placing it to a space where it can help them relax. The lamp also releases a negative ion which gives an immediate reaction of clean and breathable air, calmness and tranquility are then sent out to the body through its beauty and appeal. In that way, the body also reacts giving a positive energy to the person. Many believed that salt lamps benefits them in many ways such us relaxation, adding beauty and elegance to the space and many more.