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The Holiday Season Approaches

Island Candle N Things have been in business for many years. They take great pride in their handmade bali jewelry, as well as their island candles. Each piece is delicately handled and inspected to assure the greatest quality possible. The shop is known as an importer and wholesaler of Balinese art and jewelry. These one of a kind products make great gifts for friends and loved ones, especially as we approach the holiday season.

The bali jewelry pieces are one of a kind pieces that are made on the island of Bali. Not only are these pieces hand made by craftsmen that have many years of experience, but the pieces are made out of material that is native to the isladn of Bali. The specific design and detailing of each piece is also that of Bali, because the pieces were inspired from the Bali culture and style.

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Star Wars

I think the recent news about star wars is not shocking. Why, you ask? Because look at the disaster which has ensued in the last decade over the other pieces of garbage that George Lucas direcetd. Why on earth would anyone want to touch the franchise too, you’d be forever scarred as the person who took Star Wars from bad to worse. I can’t help but ignore that the last three movies exist, I really truly hate them, I think they’re god awful, it did not keep in with the spirit of Star Wars, the old ones we all know and love.