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Going to Culinary Connection

I was thinking about getting a culinary course because cooking and baking are 2 of my most favorite hobbies. I am so fond of doing experiments when it comes to cooking and baking. I was used to seeing my mom cooking or baking since I was a little girl especially on Saturday afternoons when she was off from work. I always watch her doing all her moves while preparing her ingredients, kneading the dough, putting on the toppings, putting designs on her creation before finally putting it in the oven. After that comes the longest waiting times of my life as I cannot find anything to do while excitedly and impatiently waiting for the cake or the bread or the muffins or the cookies or whatever it was that my mom was baking. I could still remember once when I was perhaps about five or six years old, I found my mom kneading the dough on her kneading table. As usual, I just stood there watching her and amazed the whole time at how she does it. Then the phone rang so she left to answer it. That left me alone with the dough. When she returned, her dough was all over my dress and even my face. I cannot forget the look on her face when she saw me. She laughed and hugged me dearly. From that day on, she tried to teach me about baking and cooking stuff. It started my passion so now I am going to Culinary Connection to make my dream a reality.

Ever Increasing Popularity of Nike

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