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School Closer

Horrible news today that the council are trying to close down our little local school and open up a new one in London to create more Primary School Teacher Jobs London. Now I have only just heard about this so I don’t know all of the details but my first thought is if we are all going to be out of a job and all have to re apply at this new school or if all the current teachers jobs will just be moved to the new school instead. After everything was going so well at the school that have to go and throw this in! That is my weekend ruined, I will be thinking about this all weekend until I can put my questions to someone.

Is it easy to play cut the rope?

If you have an android machine or you own an Applie ipad or iphone, I am sure you know what cut the rope is. It is one of the most famous and most downloaded games on the app stores. Although it is not totally free but still people are found to be in love with this game. The game is easy to play but it becomes hard as you move to higher levels and this is where people start looking for cut the rope cheats. For me, there is nothing available on the internet like cut the rope cheats. You can try it and I am sure you will find nothing useful.