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Party near the lake

We were about to go on a weekend in a cabin near the lake. All of my friends were in my car. The weather was fine and everything was ready for a spectacular weekend. My car is the largest, so we decided to go with my car. Everybody was in the car except for Tina. She was coming towards the car with some feng shui books in her hands. Everybody laughed. My friends were joking with Tina. They said that she couldn't leave the books for the weekend. I really didn't know how she would find a time to read those books there. We were supposed to party all the time.

Reasons Why Children Should Attend a Boarding School

In today’s uncertain economic times, it pays to get the best education that you can. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be happening in today’s public school system. More and more parents are deciding on pulling their children out of school to home school them instead. Many others are deciding to put them in the nearest boarding prep school instead. While many parent’s won’t even consider sending their child away to a boarding prep school because they would be away from home to often, it is truly no different than them going off to college in a few years’ time. Here are some reasons that a boarding school may be just the ticket to make sure that your child’s education goes off without a hitch.

Over 60% of the population that decides to attend boarding school do so because of the academics. Not only does a boarding school look good on your college applications the pace of learning is more individualized and focuses more on the individual student, instead of trying to make them all the same.

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