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Still Loving It

Getting too much training in one week is going to nothing but kill your results, your immune system, and your motivation to train.  I know as well as the next guy that training is fun, and it might seem like more is better.  If you are not careful you will end up frustrated, and set back.  Training 2 times a day 5 to 6 days a week was something that I was into for a while when I was younger, and it also beat me up really bad.  As you get older these are good muscle building tips.

If I tried to do that now I would be in big trouble that is for sure.  I have to make sure that rest is a huge part of the plan these days.  Getting older requires more time to rest, and recover.  It is the only way to continue to make progress.  These are lessons that are usually learned the hard way by most guys.  I still do the standing barbell press

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A serious question

My dad is a great hunter and he wanted to know if someone could help him find a decent Guns Pittsburgh store. He wanted to replace his old rifle with a new one and he couldn't find a store located nearby. Since I am his son, I promised to help him find what he was looking for and I also asked him to relax because he was quite upset. I went to the mall and within an hour or so, I managed to find what I was looking for. I bought a rifle for my dad and I wrapped it. I left the store and I called my dad. I told him that I got a present for him. He said nothing.