Girolami Farms Chestnuts

Girolami Farms Chestnuts
Chestnut Farm Stands up For Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Ok, so the naturally gluten-free chestnut is not what you would call an unlikely ally in
the battle for a gluten-free life. But we at Girolami Farms want to get the facts out on the
table about this insidious protein.
Gluten is most typically consumed when people eat bread. Usually wheat, barley and
rye bread– though it can also be found in a variety of other breads.
Before you peg this is as another fringe health movement, think about this
1) Anywhere from fifteen to twenty five percent of ALL SHOPPERS are asking for
gluten-free products. And most of these are not doing it for medical reasons like food
allergies or celiac disease.
2) Oprah…yep, Oprah, took a stand against gluten a few months ago when she went
ahead and ENTIRELY ELIMINATED it from her diet. And said she felt wonderful!
The chestnut would have been an especially valuable food for her at this time as it is
completely gluten free and chestnut flour can be used to make pasta, bread and cake.
3) Universities are starting to offer gluten-free options to students, including some
that are chestnut-based. Of course, some of this is just a youth fad, underweight men
and women simplifying health into a single diet..but it remains an important indicator
nonetheless. And you have to turn your head when all of a sudden college students cut
down on pizza.
It has to do with the fact that previously under-diagnosed food allergies are coming
to the fore. What was often confused with a “weak immune system,” or “sensitive
stomach,” is now revealed to be a gluten allergy with allergy testing techniques.
One of the most popular of these techniques is a “challenge diet,” where the patient is
asked to cut out almost all food groups, and slowly reintroduce them. During these test
diets, chestnuts are one of the few types of foods the doctor allows their patients to eat.
Getting sick with gluten is very common. But the other aspect of it is that gluten-free
foods tend to be less processed than their counter parts. So a lot of people that try
the gluten-free diet just feel better because they accidentally cut out starches and
processed sugars and fats from their diet.
There are many delicious gluten-free alternatives, some chestnut-based, and others
made from rice and soy.
Have you ever tasted gluten-free chestnut bread? If not, we highly recommend you try
What are your experiences with gluten-free food? We’d love to hear them!

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